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Our Services

What We Do Best

To perform your best, a player must first start with proper preparation.  The esteemed heritage of PACIFIC Service know-how combined with top-quality Products delivers the best in performance to any level of player.


To better assist your playing Jim can evaluate your rating on European, IFT & North American rating platforms.  This enables you to pair & play in the best possible games. (Download Our Rating Chart Here)

Private Lessons

Private individual or group lessons allows you to focus on the key areas of your performance.  * All our classed are ran by experienced & qualified tennis professionals.


Team Competition Coaching

Coaching is available for individuals & teams.  Play & train with world class players to improve your play & win more games.

Group Coaching

Available for both adults & children – group coaching allows you to better understand your opponents strengths & weaknesses, whilst improving your stroke strategy.

Stringing / Regripping / Restringing

To preform at a high level your racket has to be at its best.  We provide a full service of Stringing, restringing & regripping on site.

Demo Days

Our Demo Days include the use of Pacific Rackets, Balls & other products, so you can experience the quality of our brand.  Our days also include 2 hour sessions with or Ball Machines with our qualified coaches, so you can also learn more techniques in the comfort of your own court.

We can also provide catering so it can be a day to talk Tennis concepts & techniques after the session.

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